ROAD TO WHOLENESS:  *Please call  440-946-8636 for current session dates & times
According to Americans for Divorce Reform, the divorce rate for first marriages in America is a staggering 41%, second marriage is 60% and third marriage is 73%. We believe that when one neighbor hurts, our whole community is affected. The effects of divorce and broken relationships can be far reaching and painful for everyone involved. 
If you are broken, from a relationship “issue” There is hope and there is a way to be whole again. Join us on your restoration Journey.
Don’t give up, You can be whole!
The Road to Wholeness is a 13-week program that will cover the following:
*  There is Hope – You are not alone
*  Connecting with ALL available resources
*  Choose to Celebrate Life by moving forward (Past is Gone)
*  Debunking the Myths of Divorce
*  Forgiveness:  From God, Yourself and Others
*  Usher in the New You
*  Relationships – Am I Ready
*  Staying on the Road to Wholeness
For more information, email us at or call 440-946-8636.